Scooter & Powerchair Insurance

Worry free driving with protection for you and your product in the event of accident, theft and even vandalism. In addition, public liability with protects the insured from risk of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims avoiding expensive personal compensation payouts. Insurance is strongly advised by the Department for Transport.

  • Key Policy Insurance benefits include:
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Fire Damage Cover
  • Flood Damage Cover
  • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Storm Damage Cover
  • 40 Day world-wide cover
  • Public liability up to £2 million
  • Temporary cover to loan equipment of similar value whilst your product is with the dealer/manufacturer
  • Get you home expenses following an accident
  • New for old replacement if the damage exceeds 60% of the replacement value during the first 24 months, assuming product is new
  • No excess
  • No claims bonus scheme
  • Carer contingent liability
  • Temporary hire costs cover
  • Personal Injury benefit up to £2000
  • Personal effects covered up to £250
  • Loss of Key Cover up to £50
  • Any Driver

Maximum value of product – £6,000

Please note we can contact you for all relevant information regarding the equipment to be insured. If you would like further information, please call us on 01294 313369.